When Death Occurs

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  • 24-hours Contact:
  • Mr Peter Yan, Executive Director: 8125 0001
  • Our team shall attend to you in the shortest possible time to provide you with our personalized and professional service as we walk with you through this difficult time

Prepare the Below for Our Funeral Director

  • Clothing for the Deceased to wear after embalming
  • Dentures (if any)
  • Selected photo of the Deceased (for photo enlargement)
  • Any other items that you wish to place into the casket30

Registering The Death

In order to register the Death, you must have the following documents:
  1. Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD); issued from the doctor certifying the death.
  2. NRIC of the Deceased.
  3. NRIC of the Person registering the Death.
  • However, if the certifying doctor is unable to determine the cause of Death, or the Death has been the result of surgical complication, suicide, accident, etc. the death will be classified as a Coroner’s case.
  • The Coroner will review the case and determine if an autopsy is required.
  • All autopsies are performed at Singapore General Hospital (SGH)  .

For further information, you may refer to

*Upon the issuance of the CCOD and funeral arrangements made with our Funeral Director, our team will proceed to bring the Body to our Embalming Room for embalming.

100 Years of History and Experience

In 1918, Mr Wee Un Teck, a piano maker gifted in carpentry migrated from the island of Kulangsu, Xiamen, China to Singapore. In 1922, Un Teck founded Wee brothers, a company specialising in providing quality & personalized funeral services to the Christians, at 155 Selegie Road. They employed many villagers from the Wilkie Road kampong and Chinese and Indian immigrant workers, many of whom attended Kampong Kapor Methodist Church.

In 1974, Wee Brothers relocates to 17 Opal Crescent after 56 years and was then helmed by the late Granddaughter of Wee Un Teck, Wee Su Lan and assisted by the one villagers of the Kampong, Nawi.

Under New Leadership

In 2001, Peter Yan & his wife Chow Hsun Cheng, took over the ownership & management of the company & renamed it Peace Bereavement Care Pte Ltd with Peace Casket as its subsidiary.

Peace Casket recognizes the difficult times Bereaved families go through. As such, we are dedicated to compassionately serving the Bereaved families during such times, reflecting the significance of lives that have been lived, and preserving legacies that transcend generations, with honour & dignity.

Every life, whatever the life-span, is special & deserves to be celebrated, remembered & honoured. As such, we help the family members to ensure the farewell for a departed loved-one to, not only be a true reflection of who the departed person was & what they meant to others. We are dedicated to support & guide the Bereaved in creating a dignified & meaningful service where family members & friends come together not just to mourn, but to honour, support & celebrate a life well-lived

Recognizing that families are increasingly seeking to personalize funeral ceremonies for their departed love-ones, our mission is to provide personalized & meaningful funeral arrangements for them to customise their tribute to their loved ones. Allowing family members to have personal involvement in planning the funeral proceedings. We want to ensure that the farewell you create, provides a meaningful, relevant, unique and special way of saying your goodbye. We do that by empowering & continuously training our people that they may give of their best in our commitment to the bereaved families we serve.


In your time of loss, you can count on us to provide a high level of care and respect for your loved ones.

Peace Casket offers a comprehensive and flexible funeral service packages which can be tailored to meet your Financial needs.