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In your time of loss, you can count on us for high degree of care and respect for your bereaved loved ones.

Peace Casket has over 80 years of strong experience in providing funeral services. We maintain the tradition of personalized and professional care and continuously improving our services.

When a love one pass away (when death occurs)

Call Peace Casket

Main Line - 63964555
Peter Yan, Executive Director – 81250001


We are available 24 hours and shall attend to you in the shortest possible time to provide you with our personalized and professional service as we walk with you through such difficult times.

Please prepare the following items to hand to the funeral director:

Clothing for the deceased to wear after embalming (Alternatively, you may purchase them from Peace Casket which have a range of shrouds and funeral ceremonial clothes for the deceased)

Dentures (if any)

Selected photo (for enlargement)

Any other items that you wish to put in the casket

Register the Death

In order to register the Death, you must have the following:

Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD); from the doctor certifying the death.

NRIC of the Deceased

NRIC of the person registering the Death.

If however, the certifying doctor is unable to determine the cause of Death, or the Death has been the result of surgical complication, suicide, accident, etc. the death will be classified as a Coroner's case. The Coroner will review the case and determine if an autopsy is required. All autopsies are performed at Singapore General Hospital.

For further information, please refer to

*Upon the issuance of the CCOD and funeral arrangements made with the Funeral Director, our staff will proceed to bring the Body to our Embalming Room for embalming.

Decisions to be made:

Cremation or Ground Burial

Cremation fee for adults is $100, and for child under 10 years old is $50. (payable to NEA)

Burial period for all graves will be limited to 15 years. They are categorized by different religions, except the lawn cemetery where Deceased of any religious faith can be buried there. Burial fee for adult is $940, and for child under 10 years old is $420

Place of wake service:

Void-decks, Private properties or Funeral parlours.

Number of days for the wake services.

Find out where your town council is located to apply the usage of the void-decks refer to the link below:

*After the wake place has been confirmed, our staff will inform the family when we will bring the casket to the wake place.


Our SPH-appointed agent will assist you in placing the obituary announcements at the place and time of your convenience.

Funeral packages

Choose from our wide and comprehensive range of caskets and funerary service.

Funeral Service

Typically, a short service will be conducted at the wake area.

Another service will be conducted at the crematorium hall or burial site before the commencement of cremation or burial.

Ash Collection (for cremation only)

The funeral director will arrange the time of collection with the bereaved family for suitable time, at the family's convenience to collect the ashes. If the cremation is in the morning, the earliest possible time for collection of ashes is from 2:30pm to 4pm of the same day. If the cremation is carried out in the afternoon, the ashes can be collected on the following day 8:30am onwards.

Post Funeral Arrangements

The final resting place will be at the columbarium. The funeral director will arrange the contractor to see the family on the plaque installation for the selected niche.

To those who choose to place their ums at private columbaria, some of these private columbaria (e.g All Saints Memorial Chapel and Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden) have their own in –house contractor whom the family have to contract to carry out the stone and installation works.

For those who choose sea burial, Peace Casket will arrange the necessary arrangement. (e.g hiring of boats)

For burial arrangements, our Funeral Directors will arrange the marble contractor to see the family regarding the plaque or monument installation at the burial plot.

Other alternatives for the final resting place, like putting of ashes at home or for sending overseas can also be arranged.